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Iscte is a Portuguese public university founded in 1972. With over 9600 students in undergraduate (44%) and postgraduate (56%) programs, over 300 professors and 400 integrated researchers, Iscte is one of the most innovative universities in Portugal producing, transmitting and transferring knowledge to society according to the highest international standards. The main scientific fields are Management and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Policy, ICT and Architecture. Iscte is annually running more than 200 scientific projects and publishing more than 1400 international scientific papers. Iscte follows a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach across its 8 research units, 6 laboratories, 16 Departments and 4 Schools. Within Iscte, ImAFUSA is hosted at the Business Research Unit (BRU-Iscte) recognized for its excellence in research and contribution to improving managerial and policy-level decision-making in crucial Business-related areas such as Management, Operations & Logistics, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Data Analytics and Organizational Behavior and Human Resources.

Role in the project

Iscte is Project coordinator, leads the project management, coordinates the development of the UAM impact and capacity assessment framework, contributes to the designation of new environmental and socioeconomic indicators and the related data collection process and coordinates the stakeholders panel and criteria ranking. Iscte will lead the data management, user needs analysis, Framework structure and terminology definition, Imafusa Observatory, the Designation of indicator importance in city decision-making.​

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