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The Aircraft Noise and Climate Effects Section is part of the Department of Control and Operations of the Delft University Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The mission of the Department of Control and Operations is to improve the safety and efficiency of operations in aerospace and to reduce the impact on the environment. The department comprises three sections: Control and Simulation, which focuses on the development of advanced automatic control systems (including the role of the human operator), Air Transport Operations, which aims to improve operational performance in terms of capacity, safety and economy, and Aircraft Noise and Climate Effects, which focuses on reducing aircraft noise, emissions and the effects of aviation on climate change and air quality.

Role in the project

TUD leads the planning and execution of the noise measurements in the city of Egaleo, leads the air quality state-of-the-science gathering for different UAM propulsion & system-level technologies towards the air quality KPIs, coordinates with USAL and the whole consortium for the integration of noise and air quality in the overall environmental impact and capacity assessment framework.

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