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Panel Sessions with UAM Experts

The integration of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services represents a transformative turn in the transportation sector, allowing the deployment of innovative technologies to assist the operations of cities. However, a comprehensive and user-friendly framework is needed for them to effectively, responsibly and smoothly integrate these technologies into their operations and urban life. Considering the broad implications of these emerging services, our project aims to understand the impacts of UAM in inhabited areas, and the social acceptance of these services and provide a framework to assess their application.

Hence, to understand stakeholders’ perspectives regarding what impacts of UAM services they want to measure and what indicators can be used for these measurements, ISCTE conducted two panel-sessions with two distinct groups: one with individuals from a Local Authority (Egaleo Municipality, Greece) and another one with individuals who are aviation experts. These sessions took place online to facilitate the place and time arrangements for all the participants from European organisations. Each session began with a presentation and explanation of the main topics to be approached so all panellists would be properly contextualized. The panelists came up with impact areas and indicators to measure them, through guided questions. We are working on transforming the collected information into an indicator map to measure the impacts of UAM.

Overall, the panel sessions not only improved our understanding of how the impacts of Urban Air Mobility services can be measured but also provided valuable data regarding the differences and similarities of perceptions between distinct groups of stakeholders, which are vital for the successful integration of these services in inhabited areas. 

We want to thank all panellists involved for their interest in participating in the sessions and for their valuable input. We look forward to the next steps in this journey!



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