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ImAFUSA at SESAR 3 JU’s 2nd Annual Conference

The ImAFUSA project participated in the 2nd Annual Conference of the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking on the 10th of October 2023 at Brussels. Sofia Kalakou, from ISCTE, our project coordinator and Chariton Palaiologk from Future Needs, were there to welcome visitors to the project's info point.

The EU aviation community discussed and reflected on the successes of the SESAR 2020 programme and future priorities for delivering the Digital European Sky. In the event, the European ATM Master Plan 2024 campaign was also launched with the aim to establish Europe as the most efficient and environmentally friendly sky to fly in the world. ImaFUSA project poster presented the main aims and goals and the key facts with a carefully studied graphical visualization and was among other European projects under the umbrella of “U-Space & Urban Air Mobility” list of exhibitors. In total more than 36 SESAR projects were on display at an exhibition showcasing the work that is being done under the auspices of the SESAR 3 JU in key areas from connected ATM to U-space and air-ground integration and from multimodality and the aviation green deal, to capacity-on-demand, virtualisation and cyber security.

The team of ImAFUSA discussed with the attendants the topic of UAM social acceptance and the challenges it brings to research and practice, and had the chance to explore with the teams of other funded projects and potential synergies that could maximize SESAR´s achievements and impact.

You can read more about this event:

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