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ImAFUSA kick-off meeting at TUDelft

On October 4th the ImAFUSA kick-off meeting took place in TU-Delft in the Netherlands, where all the partners gathered for an extended discussion about our project’s first steps and the action that is going to be taken in the project's runtime.

At the very beginning of the meeting, there was a session with the partners introducing the people who are involved in the project directly and providing the contacts of key individuals.

In this meeting, a representative of SESAR JU, Mr. Cengiz Ari (Programme Manager - U-space) was invited as a guest speaker to provide us with important information and guidelines and wished us the best of luck with our project. Next, each work package leader shared a presentation describing the first steps that need to be taken for the project and also setting the framework.

Through these presentations, we were acquainted with using the results of this project and the knowledge gained to assist the legislators with the creation of a new framework for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and their integration into everyday life. It was highlighted that the dissemination and communication of the project to the public is a really important task in this project.

At the end of the meeting, we had the chance to provide our view on the project applications and progress. Opinions were shared and interaction was also made in the evening when we had the opportunity to relax in a great restaurant near a canal.

The meeting took place in the Aerospace Engineering Building of TU-Delft in a wonderful working space. We want to thank the partners from TU-Delft for their warm hospitality and great organisation. It was a great opportunity to meet everyone in person and plan our upcoming project activities.

Thank you TUDelft for the hospitality and organisation of the meeting.

We are very excited to work along with the consortium on this project and looking forward to our findings!

You can stay updated by following our social media and checking the news section on the project’s website.


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